What is a ‘No Win, No Fee*’ Agreement?

A ‘No Win, No Fee*’ agreement is an arrangement which means just what it says – if we are not successful in pursuing your claim, we won’t ask you to pay for our work. No win, no fee* may also be referred to as a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ and is a common method of funding packaged bank account claims. This is because no legal fees need to be paid until your case is won and your compensation is received.

No win, no fee* is an agreement between the client and the claims management company acting for them. It outlines that if the client does not win their case, the claims management company will not charge the client any fee. It is only if the claim is won that the claims management company’s fee is recoverable.

No win, no fee* allows people, like you, to claim back money that is rightfully theirs, without the fear of a huge upfront legal bill.

How Does the ‘No Win, No Fee*’ Agreement Work?

When you begin your claim with us, the expert team at Kangaroodle will assess your claim on its merits with the information you provide. This assessment will help us determine the likely success of your claim, which lets us know whether we can take your case on a ‘No Win, No Fee*’ basis.

Offering a high quality service requires the involvement of experts who will investigate and gather the evidence necessary for your claim. Delivering this comprehensive service can be costly. For this reason, in all cases we will carry out a risk assessment, and if your claim is successful, our fee will reflect the risk associated with pursuing your claim.

While every claim is personal, our advisors will explain the funding arrangement we will use from the outset, giving complete transparency, and allowing you to make the decision whether to pursue your claim with us. If anything changes during the course of your claim, we’ll tell you straight away and give you clear options on how to proceed.

When you enter into a no win, no fee* agreement with Kangaroodle, as long as you comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement, you will be protected against personal financial risk in the event you lose your claim.

If your claim is successful, you will be awarded compensation from your bank and we will charge a fee for assisting you with your claim. If you lose, providing you have not misled us, you will not pay us anything.  You can click here to find out if you have a packaged bank account.

What if I Lose?

In the unlikely event we are unsuccessful in pursuing your claim, you will have nothing to pay.

Start Your Claim Today

Here at Kangaroodle we aim to provide a high quality and comprehensive service, but also wish to make the process as simple and risk free to our clients as possible. If you require further information on pursuing your claim on a no win no fee* basis, or to begin pursuing your case with Kangaroodle today, give us a call and we will calculate how much your claim is worth.

*other costs could be payable