At Kangaroodle we like to champion the consumer, and none more so when it comes to high street banks who have ripped off their customers.  With complaints against banks at an all-time high, Kangaroodle are expertly placed to help consumers claim back fees for packaged bank accounts.

Whilst it is possible to make a PBA claim yourself, many UK residents are not being as successful as they should be, as many high street banks are routinely rejecting legitimate complaints.  In cases such as this, Kangaroodle are able to step in and support the bank customer, where we can help take your case to the independent disputes arbitrator, the Financial Ombudsman Service.

In 2014 alone there was a 250% increase in complaints and almost 80% of those were ultimately upheld in the customer’s favour – which just goes to show that packaged bank account claims are legitimate and a real concern for the UK banking industry.

In fact, James Daley of the consumer website Fairer Finance was quoted as saying that thousands of UK consumers had been mis-sold their bank account package and add-ons.  He was quoted as saying:

“Some banks seem to feel they can carry on mis-selling until they get fined. This speaks to the rotten culture in the banking sector and the fact that so many are being upheld reinforces that banks are treating their customers with contempt. If the ombudsman has received almost 5,700 complaints this suggests tens of thousands of people have been mis-sold. Who knows how big this scandal will become.”

With around 9 million people in the UK having a packaged bank account, it could be a huge scandal, but thankfully Kangaroodle already have the systems, processes, and relationships in place to help consumers claim back the fees that they have been un-justly levied.

We are currently able to help with PBA claims for some of the biggest names in the banking industry including Barclays, Lloyds TSB, and Natwest.

If you would like to find out whether or not you are owed any compensation please call us today or complete our claims form to speak to a specialist claims advisor.